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What is Child Care Help?

You can screen for one child at a time.

Guardian of a Child

'Parent' means a biological parent, adoptive parent, stepparent, foster parent, caretaker relative, legal guardian, domestic partner of the parent or any other adult living with a child who has responsibility for the care and welfare of the child.

Are you a parent or guardian of a child age 21 or younger?

Receiving CalWORKS or CalLearn

CalWorks assistance includes Cash Assistance and other CalWorks services.

Are you a CalWORKS OR CalLearn participant?

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You can screen for one child at a time. If your child is under 1 years old, please type 0.

How old is your child?

years old

Do you need childcare to do any of the following:

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Is your child receiving child protective services?

In the last year, has your family earned at least half of your income from any of the following:

Do any of the following apply to the parents or guardians applying for childcare:

Are you seeking permanent housing for family stability?

Does a parent or guardian have a mental or physical health condition that interferes with caring for children?

Have you previously received child care assistance for more than 2 years?

Children And Co-Parent in Household

Include all birth/adopted/step children and relative children to the 5th degree you care for under 18, and adults who are birth/adoptive/step parents. Include children who are disabled under 19.

How many people live with you (don't include yourself)?

Income from Everyone's Job

This can be wages, payment for services, money directly from your business, or money you get as payment for work as a trainee or student. Also, this should include unearned income from non-work sources like Social Security, child support, unemployment benefits or other sources.

What is your household's monthly income before taxes are taken out? Add up everyone's income

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