See If You Qualify for Texas Food Stamps Program

Answer a few questions and get help in under 5 minutes.  What is Texas Food Stamps Program?

This refers to your income before taxes are taken out.

What is your household's gross monthly income? Add up everyone's income

A household is defined as a person or a group of people living together, but not necessarily related, who purchase and prepare food together. Certain persons living together must be included and are considered in a mandatory relationship. This includes married persons, children under age 22 who live with their parent(s) and persons who eat together.

What is your household size?

This excludes 1 vehicle & includes excess vehicle value.

What is the total amount of your assets? Calculator

U.S. citizens and certain legal non-citizens may be eligible for food assistance benefits when other eligibility requirements are met. If you are not eligible due to immigration status, your legal resident or citizen children may still qualify. Citizenship verification or non-citizen documentation is required for the individuals you are applying for.

Please describe your immigration status:

Are you between 16 and 59 years old and working at least 30 hours a week or participate in SNAP Employment and Training a program under the Texas Workforce Commission?

Do you fall in any of the following categories:

Eligible schools include: a business, technical, trade, or vocational school that normally requires a high school diploma or the equivalent for enrollment in the course of study; or regular courses, including internet, mail, self-study, or correspondence courses, at an accredited college or university that offers degree programs.

Are you enrolled in college/an institution of higher education?

Select all that apply to your circumstance:

Does your household include anyone who is over the age of 60 or disabled?

What is your zipcode?

What is your cellphone number?

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