See If You Qualify for Dependent Care Credit

Answer a few questions and get help in under 5 minutes.  What is Dependent Care Credit?

A qualifying person is someone who lives with you for more than half the year who is either your relative or your child who is under 13 years old. This also includes a spouse or person who is unable to care for themself.

Note: These questions apply to 2015. Did a provider care for one or more qualifying persons in your household?

Is one of the qualifying persons a child of divorced, separated parents or parents living apart?

Earned income includes wages, salaries, tips, other taxable employee compensation, and net earnings from self-employmen, strike benefits and any disability pay you report as wages. This also applies to your spouse, unless your spouse was disabled or a full-time student.

Did you have earned income during the year?

Did you pay child or dependent care expenses to allow you to work or look for work?

An example is paying the biological parent of your spouse's child.

Were your payments made to someone you or your spouse could claim as a dependent?

Were your payments made to your spouse or to the parent of your qualifying child under age 13?

Were your payments made to your child who was under the age of 19 at the end of the year?

Are you any of the following:

Which of the following apply to you:

Did you pay expenses for more than one qualifying person?

These can be benefits that you get from an employer or a Child Care assistance program.

Are you excluding or deducting at least $3000 of dependent care benefits?

Are you married?

Are you filing jointly?

Which of the following apply to you:

What is your zipcode?

What is your cellphone number?

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